Dr. Sunny Goel

Dr. Sunny Goel: Leading Urologist and Andrologist Specialist in India

Dr. Sunny Goel is a highly regarded urologist and andrologist with extensive training from King George Medical University in Lucknow. With expertise in robotic surgeries for urologic cancers and kidney transplantation, he is a trusted specialist in the field. Dr. Goel's proficiency extends to the treatment of kidney stones, prostate disorders, urologic cancers, chronic kidney diseases requiring transplant, erectile dysfunction, and other urological conditions. His patient-centric approach and dedication to shared decision-making make him an invaluable member of the Stonexpert team.

Education and Credentials

Dr. Sunny Goel’s qualifications include an MBBS, an MS in General Surgery, and an M.Ch. in Urology. Additionally, he has completed a fellowship in robotic surgery at the prestigious Medanta Vattikuti Institute of Robotic Surgery in Gurugram.

Dr. Goel’s exceptional performance and dedication to the field were acknowledged when he received a Gold Medal in Urology from the Governor of Uttar Pradesh. His contributions to medical literature include more than 35 publications in both national and international journals, further establishing his expertise.

Robotic Surgery and International Experience

As a certified robotic surgeon by the Vattikuti Foundation in the USA, Dr. Sunny Goel specializes in utilizing the Da Vinci Robot for various urological procedures. His advanced training and experience in robotic surgeries have made him a sought-after expert in the field. Dr. Goel has actively participated in numerous conferences held nationally and has also played a crucial role in the transplant program organized by the Tanzanian Government in Africa.

Specialization and Expertise

Dr. Sunny Goel’s wide range of specialization and expertise enables him to address diverse urological conditions comprehensively. His areas of focus include:

  • Endo-Urology: Advanced techniques for treating urologic conditions through minimally invasive procedures
  • Reconstructive Urology: Surgical interventions to repair and restore functionality of the urinary tract
  • Pediatric Urology Surgery: Specialized care for urological disorders in children
  • Female Urology: Diagnosis and Treatment of Urological Conditions Specific to Women
  • Penile Procedures: Expertise in procedures related to the penile region
  • Scrotal and Testicular Disorders: Diagnosis and management of disorders affecting the scrotum and testicles.
  • Urinary Tract Infections: Comprehensive evaluation and treatment of urinary tract infections.
  • Urologic Cancers: Expert care for various urologic cancers, including kidney, bladder, and prostate cancers

Patient-Centric Approach

Dr. Sunny Goel firmly believes in a patient-centric approach to care. He places great emphasis on educating patients about their conditions and involving them in the decision-making process. By providing patients with a thorough understanding of their diseases and presenting all available treatment options, Dr. Goel instills confidence and courage in them. His empathetic nature and commitment to patient well-being ensure that each individual receives the highest level of care and support.

Dr. Sunny Goel’s exceptional skills, extensive training, and patient-centric approach make him a leading urologist and andrologist specialist in India. His expertise in robotic surgeries, coupled with his comprehensive knowledge of urological conditions, ensures that patients receive the best possible care at Stonexpert. With Dr. Goel’s guidance and dedication to shared decision-making, patients can trust that their concerns will be addressed and that their treatment journey will be handled with the utmost professionalism and compassion.


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